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The Luvmenauts

In Space – Vinyl LP

In Space – Vinyl LP
In Space – Vinyl LP


A tasty album from the eclectic Toronto-based collective The Luvmenauts. The group pays homage to the sounds of the past and film composers such as Janko Nilovic, Piero Umiliani, and Alan Hawkshaw. Features saxophonist don Leland Whitty (BADBADNOTGOOD) on the track 'Solstice & Equinox'. 

A1. Extravehicular Activity / A2. Asteroid Mines Of The Kuiper Belt / A3. A Stroll Through The Arboretums Of Mars / A4. Michael Dorn Suffers A Spatial Anomaly / A5. 71 Shuttle / A6. Spice Always Flows / B1. Indoor Replenishment Plaza / B2. Follow Your Ic 1805 / B3. Rasputin’s Mystic Frozen Appendage Pt. 1&2 / B4. Worf Son Of Mogh Suffers A Spatial Anomaly / B5. Solstice & Equinox / B6. Cruiseship Enterprise