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Scum Funk – Vinyl LP

Scum Funk – Vinyl LP
Scum Funk – Vinyl LP


A great contemporary neo-soul/funk album from Canadian Bassist and Producer, vbnd. For this album, vbnd has teamed up with The Soulmate Collective, which includes the vocalist Katie Tupper. Limited edition colored vinyl released on DeepMatter Records. 

A1. V's Funky Castle / A2. I Don't Take Time / A3. Slowly Starting To Take Form /A4. Stop Your Crying / A5. Who Do You Think You Are? I Am! / A6. Stupid / A7. Couldn't Get Laid / A8. Scum Funk / A9. Fallin' For / B1. Gold Chain / B2. Skin To Skin / B3. In A Fuque State / B4. The Oceans (She's A Winner, Baby) / B5. Breathe Me In (A Little Longer) /B6. League Strut