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Vitor Assis Brasil

Desenhos (dent on cover) – Vinyl LP

Desenhos (dent on cover) – Vinyl LP
Vitor Assis Brasil (dent on cover) – Desenhos – Vinyl LP

£19.99 £25.99

Warehouse find.

Please note there is a dent/bend to the corner of the cover and the records have been reduced accordingly.

This is the incredibly rare and Coltrane influenced debut of Brazilian sax great Victor Assis Brasil for the cult label Forma, of Roberto Quartin. Released on Mad About Records.

A1.  Naquela Base / A2.  Devaneio / A3. Primavera / A4.  Simplesmente / A5.  Feitiço Da Vila / B1. Dueto / B2.  Amor De Nada / B3. Eugenie / B4. Minha Saudade / B5. Desenhos