Mitchell & Dewbury Band - Beyond The Rains - CD

Artist: Mitchell & Dewbury Band

Price - £6.99

Beyond The Rains was made in the finest tradition of the long lost art of album making. With their affinity for the past, a lust for the future and plenty of natural soul, Mitchell & Dewbury have created a modern classic. The album is an essential blend of soul, jazz, funk and Latin music united by a positive spirit. 

Mitchell & Dewbury brought together an international line up for the album: Terry Callier, Navasha Daya and James Collins of Baltimore soul-jazz outfit Fertile Ground, cult Philadelphian-born jazz flutist Lawrence Jones, vocalists Billie Godfrey and Lizzie Rendall, bass player Jeff 'The Funk' Walker, pianist Mark Edwards, Nigerian saxophonist Bukky Leo (one-time student of Fela Kuti), Brazil's Drumagick and Germany's Hypnosis and Marc Frank.

1. Beyond The Rains feat. Billie Godfrey / 2. Rapping With The Gods / 3. Love Is Flowing To Love feat. Billie Godfrey / 4. Spaces & Places feat. Fertile Ground / 5. Darker Than A Shadow feat. Terry Callier / 6. Kaleidoscope (Wheel Within A Wheel) feat. Lizzie Rendall / 7. My Words feat. Hipnosis & Marc Frank / 8. Globetrotter feat. Lawrence Jones / 9. Living….Am I Living feat. Bukky Leo / 10. Jazz Is Your Life / 11. Beyond The Rains (Drumagick Remix)

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