Terry Callier - Alive

Artist: Terry Callier

A live recording of Terry Callier at the Jazz Cafe, Camden, London from the year 2000 that captures some of the spirit of Terry's incredible live performances.

This is the first of two live albums that Terry has recorded for Mr Bongo. The second, entitled Welcome Home was released in March 2008 and features different tracks.

Please note that the vinyl LP and CD versions have different track lists due to the length of the recording:

1. Ordinary Joe / 2. Step Into The Light / 3. Lazurus Man / 4. Lament For The Late A.D. / 5. African Violet / 6. You're Gonna Miss Your Candy Man / 7. What Colour Is Love / 8. Dancing Girl / 9. People Get Ready / 10. I Don't Wanna See Myself

A1. People Get Ready / A2. Step Into The Light / A3. Lament For The Late A.D. / B1. Timepiece / B2. You're Gonna Miss Your Candy Man / B3. I Don't Wanna See Myself

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