Atmosfear - Altered Slates - CD

Artist: Atmosfear

Price - £7.99

1. Cosmik Traces / 2. Dancing In Outer Space (Masters At Work Mix) / 3. Feel Up (Spook) / 4. Minotaur / 5. Motivation (Dimitri's Motivated Respect Mix) / 6. Disorient Express / 7. Extract (The Ben Mitchell Disco Central Mix) / 8. Alternative II (Si Begg Mix) / 9. Tarorat / 10. Deep Bass Nine (Idjut Boys Mix) / 11. Sargasso / 12. Xtra Special (Manasseh) / 13. Descent Into Darkland / 14. Too Spaced Out (Francois K. Ambient Mix)

Atmosfear were a British jazz funk band made up by Lester J. Batchelor, Ray Johnson, Andy Sojka, Stewart Cawthorne, and producer Jerry Pike and Tony Antoniou. They were sometimes joined by guests including Peter Hinds, Leroy Williams, Alan Rapoport, Frank Roccoti, Carol Kenyon, and Rick Dejong.

"Dancing In Outer Space" reached the Top 50 of the UK Singles Chart in 1979 and remains a disco-funk classic that is still spun regularly.

Here we have a 14-track album featuring some of the biggest names in the dance music world.

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