Brazilian Beats 7 - CD

Artist: Various Artists

Price - £8.99

1 Karol Conka – Boa Noite / 2 Bemba Trio – Melô do vatapá / 3 Som Sete – Esquindindin / 4 Cláudia - Deixa Eu Dizer / 5 Djavan – Nereci / 6 Junip – Oba, Lá Vem Ela / 7 Odair Cabeça de poeta - Isso é Bonito / 8 SamJazz - Nega, Neguinha / 9 Abilio Manoel - Luiza Manequim / 10 Junior Com Orquestra E Coro - O Campeão (Meu Time) / Hindo Do Flamengo / 11 Coaty de Olivieira – Caminho Livre / 12 Arnaud Rodrigues - Turma do Poie / 13 Brazil Selection – Bananaticoco / 14 Zapattta - A Mesa Santa / 15 Jorge Autuori Trio – Autorizando / 16 Cizinha - Prá Fazer Um Samba / 17 Quarteto Novo – Misturada / 18 Wan Trio – Selvagem / 19 Mestre Bimba - Corridos / 20 Jackson Conti - Plateau Pt. 1

Following on from six volumes, a detour to Brooklyn and a cut-up megamix – all as collected in a special 8-CD boxset – our famed Brazilian Beats compilation series finally returns. Brazilian Beats 7 continues to shine a light on the country’s wealthy musical heritage, both past and present, while acting as an honest guide for listeners seeking exciting and different musical pastures.

Volume 7 collects 20 tracks, spanning a range of styles and scenes from the more obvious to the weirder and lesser-known gems to be found throughout Brazil. There’s cutting-edge, bass-heavy new school hip hop with Karol Conka and her trailblazing producer Nave; sunshine laden soul from Djavan; a Jorge Ben cover courtesy of Junip that does the maestro’s legacy proud; funky Forro accordions from little-known Odair who used to play with Tom Ze; samba rock from SamJazz, a bonafide Sao Paulo classic, and Abilio Manuel; disco fusion from Coaty de Oliveira, taken from an album made for a restaurant no less; hard-edged bossa from the Jorge Autouri Trio; and last but not least Brazil-meets-LA funk in the shape of Jackson Conti, the unforgettable collaboration between Madlib and Azymuth’s drummer Ivan Conti.

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