Terry Callier - Hidden Conversations - CD

Artist: Terry Callier

Price - £6.99

Hidden Conversations is the follow up to Terry Callier's Lookin' Out album. Following his performance at the 2008 Meltdown Festival, curated by Massive Attack - he once again teamed up with the legendary British trio and the result is this album.

Massive Attack's Robert Del Naja co-wrote Wings and John Lee Hooker and exclusively wrote Live With Me. The combination of Del Naja's haunting production and Terry's beautiful, emotive vocals works beautifully.

1. Wings / 2. Sunset Boulevard / 3. Hidden Conversations / 4. The Hood I Left Behind / 5. Once I Dreamed Of Heaven / 6. Fool Me Fool You / 7. Rice And Beans / 8. Jessie And Alice / 9. John Lee Hooker / 10. Live With Me

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