Os Ipanemas

Artist: Os Ipanemas

This record is the result of a 1964 jam session organised by Astor Silva and Wilson Das Neves and was originally released in 1975 on the Brazilian label Discos CBS.

The idea behind the record was to break the traditional Bossa trio mould and create instead a harder edged Jazz and bossa sound that allowed for more soloing and improvisation.

The result is a stone-cold classic bossa title and an essential album for all Brazilian music fans (we promise). The album includes classics such as KenyaNanaConsolacao and Berimbau.

1. Consolação / 2. Nanã / 3. Se Chegou Assim / 4. Kenya / 5. Zulu's / 6. Clouds / 7. Adriana / 8. Garôta De Ipanema / 9. Jangal / 10. Berimbau / 11. Congo / 12. Java

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