Cravo & Canela - Preço de Cada Um

Artist: Cravo & Canela

One of the most mysterious albums in Brazilian collectors circles and one of the best examples of MPB from the mid-to-late 70s.

Cravo & Canela have possess the harmonies of Sergio Mendes in the 60s, with soulful piano and beautiful voices over the top.  More samba than bossa, this record has sophisticated phrasing that you would not expect in the much of the EMI/Odeon work from the 70s.

1. Preço De Cada Um / 2. Fogo Pagó / 3. Capoeira Poeira / 4. Gago Apaixonado / 5. Estatutos De Gafieira / 6. Asa Branca - Que Nem Giló / 7. Amor Em Jacumã / 8. Loteca / 9. Estúpido Cupid (Stupid Cupid) - Banho De Lua (Timtarella Di Luna) / 10. Iboru Iboya / 11. O Trem Atrazou / 12. Beijo Baiano (Boca De Caqui) 

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