Prince Fatty Meets The Mutant HiFi - Return Of Gringo

Artist: Prince Fatty

Prince Fatty Meets The Mutant Hifi in 'Return of Gringo!' is the fevered and frontal lobe-damaged brainchild of Nick Coplowe (The Mutant Hifi) and Mike Pelanconi (Prince Fatty), the result of years of plotting, planning, laughing and procrastinating. Put simply, it is a surf/ska/spaghetti western soundtrack album for a film that is yet to be made. Think Dick Dale jamming with the Skatalites with Morricone at the helm, including appearances from Alessandro Alessandroni (the original spaghetti western whistler) and you're in the right section at the record store, although it is possibly a very small section.

As Steve Barker (on the wire) said about a previous Mutant Hifi release 'it's refreshing to hear a record which fits so badly into any genre'……..

It's a quick draw shootout in a mexican standoff, pitting hard hitting ska against ripping surf riffs and outlaw bandito brass, the cold anarchic freedom of the wild west seen through a lomographic lens where the hot sun and scorching sand make sure that only the toughest survive, leaving their enemies to the flies, the prairie dogs and the vultures. It is the son of a thousand fathers, every one of them a bastard. Every gun sings it's own tune.

There are two kinds of people in this world………

No horses were spared in the making of this motion picture soundtrack.

1. Transistor Cowboy / 2. Black Powder / 3. Plague Of Locusts / 4. Wear The Black Hat (If The Black Hat Fits) / 5. Way Back To Town / 6. Across The Border / 7. Up The Creek / 8. Moscow Mule / 9. Son Of A Thousand Fathers / 10. The Good, The Vlad And The Ugly / 11. Blondes Have More Guns / 12. Hava Nagila 

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