20th Century Steel Band - Warm Heart Cold Steel - CD

Artist: 20th Century Steel Band

Price - £7.99

Shaft / Endless Vibrations / Lazy Days / Loue's Theme / No. 1 / Heaven And Hell [Original] / Never Keep Secrets / Papa Was A Rolling Stone / Standing In The Shadows Of Love / Land Of A Thousand Dancers / Dance Away / We've Got To Work Together / Heaven & Hell [7" Edit]

The 20th Century Steel Band has its humble beginnings as a working band on the Baileys Circuit, however 1975 saw the band record and release their debut album ‘Warm Heart, Cold Steel’. This would prove to be a landmark album, featuring the track, Heaven & Hell is on Earth, which would go on to be an infamous addition to the world of sampling, long after the group disbanded following the dissolution of their record label, United Artists.

Heaven & Hell is on Earth has been a firm favourite since its release as a sample in 1986. The ‘Stop the Violence’ movement were the first, but by no means last to sample for the track ‘Self Destruction’ of which all proceeds went to the National Urban League.

Having become a regular on the sampling circuit, the track has been used by artists such as Salt-N-Pepa, Xzibit, Anonymous (ft Eminem), the Black Eyed Peas on their debut album ‘Behind the Front’, The Jungle Brothers and LL Cool J (Featuring in the film Take the Lead, starring Antonio Banderas). Perhaps the most famous of all tracks to sample Heaven & Hell is on Earth is ‘Jenny from the Block’ by Jennifer Lopez (This is me …Then). 

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