Wild Style Instrumental Beats Mini LP - Vinyl

Artist: Wild Style

Price - £8.99

Originally released in 1983, Wild Style is a cult movie and its OST is the first and one of the best hip hop movie soundtracks.

Tracks from Wild Style have been sampled by artists such as The Wiseguys, De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, Beastie Boys, Beck, Cyprus Hill, DJ Shadow, Nas and Public Enemy among others.

This 12" contains the main instrumentals:

A1. B-Boy Beat (Instrumental) / A2. Yawning Beat (Instrumental) / A3. Crime Cut (Instrumental) A4. Gangbusters (Instrumental) A5. Cuckoo Clocking (Instrumental) A6. Meetings (Instrumental) / B1. Razor Cut (Instrumental) / B2. Subway Theme (Instrumental) / B3. Busy Bees (Instrumental) / B4. Down By Law (Instrumental) / B5. Baby Beat (Instrumental) / B6. Jungle Beat (Instrumental)

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