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Mr Bongo Record Club episode 18, with Carl Hedberg

The next instalment of our radio show, episode 18, features a special guest from Swedish soul master Carl Hedberg.

Carl’s interest in disco and house music started in the late 90s, with the likes of Kenny Bobien, Black Ivory, Sylvester and co. Out of this, slowly grew a passion for soul music. “These days I have an equal love for deep/sweet ballads, 60s/70s northern & crossover, and modern/Philly/two step. To keep it simple, I'm into what I believe to be quality soul music.”

For roughly a decade Carl worked for Scandinavia's leading soul/jazz retailer, ‘Record Mania’ in Stockholm; suffice to say his knowledge is immense. Carl has since left the shop to work for the Swedish parliament, but his interest in records and music remains as strong as ever… “I guess once it gets in your blood, it never really leaves?”

Alongside close friends Jens Chreisti and Pete Shirley, Carl runs the annual Stockholm Soul weekender (the 2016 event takes place June 17-19), plus the regular ‘Family Circle’ nights.

So, a big thanks to Carl for putting this mix together for us, and shouts to Lars and the rest of the Record Mania crew. We strongly recommend you check out their website.

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1. Hareton Salvanini - Primitivo
2. Henri Texier - Les Le Bas
3. Edee - Make It Last
4. General Lee - We Did It Baby
5. Romeo Taylor - When You Made You
6. Depths Of Love - I Just Can't Find A Love
7. Kadhja Bonet - Remember The Rain
8. Tarika Blue - Dreamflower
9. Trevor Dandy - Is there any love
10. Mavis John - Use My Body
11. Skip Mahoaney and The Casuals - Town Called Nowhere
12. Cindy Rodriguez - What You Need Is My Love

Carl's mix:

1. Gladys Knight & The Pips - Since I've lost you (Soul LP)
2. Dontells - I can't wait (Ambassador 45)

3. Fletcher Walker III - Guess I'll never understand (Paramount 45)
4. Gene Chandler - I fooled you this time (Checker 45)
5. Houston Outlaws - What am I gonna do (Westbound 45)
6. Sweet Breeze - Slow change-up (Willpower 45)
7. Steve Mancha - Did my baby call (Wheelsville 45)
8. Dontells - I'm gonna tell the world (Vee Jay 45)
9. Tutti Hill - He's a lover (Arock 45)
10. Bobby Bennett - Alone with my tears (V-Tone 45)
11. George Jackson - All in my mind (Kent 45)
12. Delores Hall - Sha-la bandit (RCA 45)
13. R.S. Riley/Centaura - I need love (Equity LP)
14. Sy Hightower & The Near Future - What do I know of love (GJ Records LP)
15. Reason Why - So long letter (in a picture frame) (Polydor 45)
16. Dells - Bring back the love of yesterday (Cadet 45)
17. Bernadette Bascom - I don't wanna lose your love (Solidarity 45)
18. Satisfactions - One light two lights (Lionel 45)
19. Soul Bros Inc - Pyramid (Golden Eye 45)
20. Judy Clay - Lonely people do foolish things (Scepter 45)
21. Barbara Hall - Drop my heart off at the door (Innovation II 45)
22. Bessie Banks - Go now (Tiger 45)

End of guest mix

23. Julie Driscoll & Brian Auger - Let The Sunshine
24. Fresh Fruit - A Song For You
25. Patrick Gammon - When Can I see You
26. Leon Vynehall - Inside The Deku Tree

End of transmission.