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Official Video Premiere of Hollie Cook - Real Love.

Today we premiered the official video for Hollie Cook's latest single, 'Real Love'. The song is the first single  from Hollie's new album 'Twice'.

It was premiered by the Telegraph, and directed by Annick Wolfers. We spoke to Annick about her creative inspiration for the video... 

"Hollie wanted a dreamy, colourful and slightly surreal video. The location was God’s Own Junkyard in Walthamstow and Chris Bracey’s unique artworks provided the perfect backdrop for the story. My interpretation of the lyrics was a kind of break up or revenge story. Taking inspiration from the Jack Nicholson character in the 80’s movie “Witches of Eastwick” I thought it would be fun to introduce a male lead into the video. Patrice Moniz, an amazing young dancer is completely under Hollie’s spell and she is controls his every move with a voodoo doll!"