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Hareton Salvanini 'Hareton + META' 7" re-issue available now

With a life spent record digging across the world and a near encyclopaedic knowledge of golden period Brazilian music, its rare for Mr Bongo to come across an incredible record from that rich period that he doesn’t already know, but that is what happened with Hareton Salvanini - 'Hareton & M.E.T.A'

The Mr Bongo release began with a tip off from Floating Points, followed by frenzied digging / researching, and the joyful receipt of a mysterious package posted from Brazil

The package arrived out of the blue and inside was an exquisite looking 7” record. Designed by Wagner, the famed Brazilian surrealist painter of the 70s and 80s, the sleeve is visually arresting with its eye-popping fluorescent psychedelic art perfectly encapsulating the era and movement within which it was conceived.




The record was sent from J. Ayreton, the brother of Hareton Salvanini and co-composer of 'Hareton & M.E.T.A'. As soon as it hit the platter it was clear that Mr Bongo had sourced another hidden gem for the catalogue.

Little is known about Hareton & M.E.T.A, but Mr Bongo tracked down and spoke with J. Ayreton and uncovered the story of this sublime record... 

Hareton Salvanini started the group with his brother Ayreton in the 1970s. M.E.T.A were a theatrical movement based in Campinas (in the Sao Paulo State). M.E.T.A was an acronym of Movimento Evolução De Teatro E Arte; Movement / Evolution / Theatre / Art. It wasn’t a traditional music group, with M.E.T.A performing numerous musicals primarily focussing on subjects close to their hearts - liberation, freedom and youth. Their modus operandi was to experiment with different ideas in an attempt to create a new voice that represented their ideals.

Paulo Pugoiese composed the EP with Hareton & Ayerton also composing and writing lyrics. Paulo conducted the Sinfonica Campinas Orchestra and this was the orchestra of the City Cidade Do Campina. It was that connection that enabled them to be able to afford an entire string section for the tracks. The group who played on the recording only every played in a studio. They were never a live band. 

The EP consists of four tracks, each with its own meaning:

A1) KM110…Described by Ayerton as music of the road, asphalt, cars, lorries….


A2) TangaraA song about the Tanagara dancing bird.


B1) Confissao...A love song.


B2) Hippie 12An ode to the hippy movement.  

The original release of Hareton Salvanini - 'Hareton & META' came out in 1971 on Ampli-Som (a sub-label of Sonotec - a label that specialised in soundtracks). They printed 2,000 copies of the original silk screen EP which they sold at their theatrical performances. The EP was not well known upon its release and was only ever sold at these performances. It was not played on the radio or by DJs so essentially this is its first proper release.  

For the Mr Bongo release we have faithfully reinterpreted the original EP package. Remastered with a sleeve printed in fluorescent inks.

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