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Digging Deeper – 10 Questions With Ill Considered

In the second instalment of our new 'Digging Deeper' series, we caught up with one of our favourite jazz groups, Ill Considered, for a brief peep into their world. Most of their catalogue is now available from us, here.


For those who are not familiar with Ill Considered, can you please introduce the main players in the group and explain how the band came to be?

The band consist of Idris Rahman, Leon Brichard on bass, Emre Ramazanoglu on drums and Satin Singh On percussion. We all knew each other from other sessions and just kinda fell into making Ill Considered happen when Em depped for Tom Skinner in Wildflower. It was a really different sound and things just escalated from there..

Are there any specific albums or musicians that unite the band members?

Not really it’s more of shared respect and musicianship that unites the band. 


The cover artwork of your records is instantly recognisable, who is behind the art?

Vincent De Boer is the artist behind the cover art. He is an integral part of the project. He hand paints all the covers then digitises them. Theres a taster video of his process here: https://youtu.be/E9J9bD8lKs8

Ill Considered have quite a mysterious image, you don’t seem to play the conventional promotion game. Is this intentional or just how it is?

It’s just how it is, the word of mouth thing has been working for us it seems and it’s just what’s naturally happened. I think we’re not planning on changing anything right now.

Being both musicians and running your own label must mean a lot of multi-tasking. Is being ‘independent’ a big aspect of Ill Considered’s identity - or is it just the most intuitive way for you to release your music?

It just allows us to release what we want how we want. If there was another way that seemed better, we’d definitely look at it!

Your label is a real independent label success story, a strong following with the ability to sell out a limited vinyl pressing on Bandcamp overnight, without record shops or distribution. Have you got any advice for musicians wishing to start their own label?

You have to put the work in, be genuine and love what you do. I think it’s primarily about making a connection with people who might be into what you do and giving them a real opportunity to get in first and be part of growing the band.

Without giving away any trade secrets what recording equipment/instruments do you use?

Pretty standard instruments although we have started to integrate f****d up electronics in our live set. We record the albums in a professional studio… Emre is an established Engineer. Most of the tracking is through a Neve 8058 neve console or alternatively on a large UAD system. We tend to record REALLY close together.

Have you any stories from your best or worse live gigs that you’d like to share?

It’s been pretty good thus far. It’s been a trip playing for pretty large crowds around europe and just as amazing crammed into a corner in tiny bars in Dalston. Connecting the music to people live is just a massive privilige.

Are there any unsung / up and coming musicians / bands / artists that you would like to tip us off about?

Shhh… soon to come!



For more information on Ill Considered take a look at their Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp or website.