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Mr Bongo Staff Picks – Alejandro Jodorowsky 'Santa Sangre'

The Staff Pick this week has taken a different turn, courtesy of newest member of the Mr Bongo family, Georgina. She has chosen something from our film catalogue – yes, we also release films – in the form of Alejandro Jodorowsky's 'Santa Sangre', available on DVD and Blu-ray, here.

Alejandro Jodorovsky’s Santa Sangre is a surreal, mad film which is as epic and twisted as any Greek tragedy. Supposedly influenced by Jodorovsky’s own relationship with his mother, the story tells of Fenix, the son of two circus performers, who is forced into becoming a one-man show/support system for his amputee mother.

Any more plot synopsis would spoil the macabre story that unfolds. Filled with freudian relationships, blood red imagery and religious iconography, get ready to see cult gatherings, castration by acid and an elaborate elephant funeral...!