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Mr Bongo Staff Picks – Love Injection, Issue 42 – Fanzine

This weeks staff pick comes from DJ and owner of WOLF music label, Matt Neale. Matt's gone for something different this week, with the release of the 42nd issue of the 'Love Injection' fanzine - available here

"NYC is a cultural melting pot that creates unique situations through which truly unique and innovative music is birthed. How the music and the scene evolved through the night-clubs, DJs, labels, artists, radio, stores, and streets is such a fascinating tale. Love Injection champions the past, present and future of NYC and its musical connections.
This current edition is a West End Records special. West End was Mel Cheren's seminal disco label, that alongside Prelude ranks up there as one of the most consistent and progressive of them all. West End’s relationship with the Paradise Garage and it’s talismanic DJ - Larry Levan - is well documented, so it was great to read an interview in this issue that I hadn’t seen before. Plus there’s an in-depth interview with the maestro,Tom Moulton, for good measure. If these names don’t mean anything to you, this is a good starting point, if they already do, this is an essential collectors item. As usual the art direction, written word, and archive imagery are all on point. Long Live Love Injection."