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Mr Bongo Staff Picks – Phil Ranelin 'Vibes From The Tribe'

Round two of the Mr Bongo staff picks kicks off with Mr Bongo director, Graham ‘Greymatter’ Luckhurst. Graham has chosen jazz giant Phil Ranelin's 'Vibes From The Tribe', which is available here.

I love the Tribe Records vibe – that tougher, heavier, more experimental side of jazz & funk that often feels like its pushing your boundaries; Marcus Belgrave's 'Gemini II’ is one of my favourite jazz albums and the Doug Hammond ’Reflections In The Sea Of Nurnen’ features ‘Wake Up Brothers’ which is an all-time top track of mine. Tribe was a Detroit label and collective consisting of heavy musicians, deep music and strong motivations. Proper.

These pressings from Pure Pleasure sound amazing too. Some of the best reproductions I’ve heard.