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Mr Bongo Staff Picks - Rochelle Rabouin 'This Is My Year'

This week's staff picks comes from our in-house music encyclopedia, Gareth Stephens. Gareth's chosen a new reissue unearthed from new label Discs of Fun and Love, available here

I love this track and what a huge first release for a record label!!! Frederika and Miche kick things off in style on their new re-issue label Discs of Fun and Love, dropping a relativity unknown modern-soul dancer / disco-nugget by Rochelle Rabouin. 'This Is My Year' was recorded in 1977 and originally released on the private press label Cygnet Records and seems to be the only solo record released by Rochelle, which is a real shame. Thankfully 42 years on Rochelle now gets the chance to shine with this anthemic feel-good track now available for all. Beautiful packaged in a Discs Of Fun and Live house bag and mastered at the Carvery, it even sounds better compared to the original pressing.  We have heard rumours of more rare gems some come from this label, so keep a lookout.