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Mr Bongo Staff Picks - Sault

This week Cally couldn't resist choosing two releases for our staff picks. Two records that have the whole Mr Bongo team very excited, partly due to how the first release '5' grabbed the attention of each genre-lover (available here), and the quick turnaround of the equally as mysterious and brilliant '7' which just dropped

My staff pick this week features the beautifully curious group ‘Sault’. The anonymous trio released their debut album ‘5’ earlier this year and has since become one of my favourite albums.
Packed with hidden gems and undeniable jams, this stunning genre-defying record celebrates a blend of African, Disco, Soul, Gospel-boogie and post-punk sounds. Hard to pick a favourite but ‘Masterpiece’ is the winner - I will never get enough of the dope bass-line married with those hauntingly smooth angelic vocals.

With their debut album setting the bar I didn’t know what to expect with Sault's latest release titled ‘7’. First track in and I’m already sold, with the return of those familiar percolating rhythms I fell in love with on their first album, I knew this was another killer record. ‘Red lights’ instantly became my favourite track, a perfect fusion of R&B and soul, a sound that stays with you all day. If you’re looking for the next best thing - Sault is everything you need. Do not sleep on this one!