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Awkward Corners

Amateur Dramatics – Vinyl LP

Amateur Dramatics – Vinyl LP
Awkward Corners – Amateur Dramatics – Vinyl LP


A superb deep album from Chris Menist's Awkward Corners project which features Tamar Osborn from Collocutor, Kitty Whitelaw on vocals and is mixed and mastered by Nick Manasseh. Amateur Dramatics merges electronics and acoustic instrumentation for a spiritual ride into ambient, and Jazz, with Eastern and African influences. Well, recommended. 

A1. Paragraph One (After The Rain) / A2. Marshland Lullaby / A3. Partial Recall / A4. No Words / A5. When There Are No Birds / B1. Paragraph Two / B2. Not Now Karen / B3. Men Bearing Lanyards / B4. Time To Clear Away Your Toys