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Billy Bang

(Music From The Film) Lucky Man – Vinyl 3LP

(Music From The Film) Lucky Man – Vinyl 3LP
Billy Bang – (Music From The Film) Lucky Man – Vinyl 3LP


IF Music & BBE Music presents the epic ‘Lucky Man’: music & dialogue from the eponymous documentary film, charting jazz violinist and Vietnam veteran Billy Bang’s brave return to the country, 40 years after the War. A powerful album. 

A1. Lucky Man: Introduction / A2. Billy Playing With The Banhar Gong Group Of Kuntun (Traditional And Improvised) / A3. Lucky Man: Flashback Tunnel Reflections / A4. Mystery Of The Mekong / B1. Lucky Man: The Sun Rising - Introduction To Song For Don Cherry / B2. Song For Don Cherry/ C1. Lucky Man: Flashback Memories / C2. New Saigon Phunk (Traditional And Improvised) / C3. Lucky Man: Traditional Vietnamese Catru Music / D1. Lucky Man: Billy Reflecting On Memories And Feelings / D2. Jungle Lullaby / E1. Lucky Man: Quynh Anh Pham's Memories About Her Father / E2. Dan Da Traditional Lithophone / E3. Lucky Man: Billy Speaking about music and art / F1.  Lucky Man: Flashlight And A 45 Tunnel Memories / F2. Lucky Man Title Music: Vietnam 1967 Battle Composition / F3. Lucky Man: Teach Me Banhar / F4. Traditional Quan Ho / F5. Lucky Man: Billy Reflecting on America, Music And Being Left Alone / F6. Moments For The Kiamia, Solo In A Hotel Interior Courtyard / F7. Lucky Man: Quynh Anh Pham Lullaby