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Various Artists

Breath Of Danger – Vinyl LP

Breath Of Danger – Vinyl LP
Breath Of Danger – Vinyl LP


Be With Records release this library gem from the 'Themes' catalogue, featuring a selection of suspense-filled underscores with a psychedelic feel. 

A1. David Lindup Cold Sweat / A2. David Lindup Unease / A3. David Lindup Aftermath / A4. David Lindup Isolation / A5. Brian Bennett The Unknown / A6. Alan Hawkshaw & Brian Bennett The Manipulator / A7. Alan Hawkshaw Space Probe / B1. Alan Parker Psychosis / B2. David Lindup At Risk / B3. David Lindup At Risk (Link) / B4. Alan Parker Manhunt / B5. Kenny Salmon Flying Squad / B6. David Lindup Dead End / B7. David Lindup Collision Course / B8. Barry Morgan & Ray Cooper Voodoo