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Cosmic Neighbourhood

Trees EP - Vinyl 7"

Trees EP - Vinyl 7"
Cosmic Neighbourhood – Trees EP - Vinyl 7"

£4.99 £11.50

A wonderful psychedelic 7" EP by Cosmic Neighbourhood (aka artist, illustrator, and musician Adam Highton). A quirky and nostalgic ride 'The Trees EP' is the sound of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop being plugged in after being left out in the elements for a season or two; an all-natural psychedelic voyage into the beating heart of the British countryside.

The Trees EP is released to coincide with National Tree Week (November 27th - December 5th), a limited edition of 300 copies. Please note the 7" plays at 33rpm.

A1. Touch The Sky / A2. Fir Hat / B1. Swaying / B2. Power To The Leaves