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JFUNK – Vinyl LP

JFUNK – Vinyl LP
Jerusafunk ‎– JFUNK – Vinyl LP

£14.99 £21.99

A big tip!!! A superb album from the Phoenix, Arizonan-based outfit Jerusafunk. Released on Grand Ave Records, 'JFUNK' is a global psychedelic ride combining funk, African, Brazilian, South American, Southeast Asian, Turkish, jazz, and other musical influences and genres into a unique collage of sound. A limited-edition pressing, highly recommended!

A1. The Sunn & Roy Flynn / A2. Fleshy Musings / A3. Humbugs & Dilettantes / A4. The Dove / B1. Der Heiser Bulgar / B2. Back Sandwhich / B3. Los Trovadores Paisa / B4. Orvalhu, Yo Te Ólvide / B5. Catshit's Cosmic Discovery: Disko Babushka