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Margo Guryan

Words And Music – 3LP Boxset

Words And Music – 3LP Boxset
Margo Guryan – Words And Music – 3LP Boxset


A Numero Group collection including 16 previously unreleased recordings and a 32 page booklet of the fabulous cult artist Margo Guryan! Well recommended. 

A1. If I Lose / A2. You Promised / A3. The Wise Man Knows / A4. The Morning After / A5. Moon Ride / A6. More Understanding Than A Man / A7. More Understanding Than A Man (Instrumental) / A8. There I Was / B1. Kiss & Tell / B2. Half-Way In Love / B3. Goodbye July / B4. Four Letter Words / B5. Hurry On Home / B6. I Ought To Stay Away From You / B7. I Love / B8. Under My Umbrella / B9. I Don't Intend To Spend Christmas Without You / C1. Sunday Morning / C2. Thoughts / C3. Love Songs / C4. Don't Go Away / C5. Take A Picture / C6. Sun / C7. What Can I Give You / C8. Come To Me Slowly / D1. The 8:17 Northbound Success Merry-Go-Round / D2. Something's Wrong With The Morning / D3. Think Of Rain / D4. Can You Tell / D5. Someone I Know / D6. Love / E1. Why Do I Cry / E2. Spanky And Our Gang / E3. Most Of My Life / E4. It's Alright Now / E5. Timothy Gone / E6. The Hum / E7. Please Believe Me / E8. Yes I Am / F1. I Think A Lot About You / F2. I’d Like To See The Bad Guys Win / F3. Values / F4. California Shake / F5. Hold Me Dancin' / F6. Shine / F7. Goodbye July