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The Ercons

Planet Fantastique – Vinyl LP

Planet Fantastique – Vinyl LP
The Ercons – Planet Fantastique – Vinyl LP


Just hand delivered by Darren from The Ercons, a superb independent private press album which infuses soul, jazz, funk, Hip-Hop productions, electronics and house to fine effect. 'Planet Fantastique' includes great cover versions of Ronnie Foster's 'Mystic Brew' and Herbie Hancock's 'Maiden Voyage', cover art by Joe Currie. Highly recommended. 

A1. We_Are_The_Ercons / A2. Energy / A3. Mystic_Brew / A4. Massive_Glowing_Mushrooms / B1. Maiden_Voyage / B2. M_I_A  / B3. Planet_Fantastique / B4. Transplanted_Mind