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Marcos Valle

Marcos Valle

Marcos Valle is a tour de force in Brazilian music, across bossa nova, samba, and fusions of rock, soul, jazz and dance music.

He was born in Rio de Janeiro and took piano and music theory lessons as a young child. As he grew older he developed a taste for live music at bars and clubs, where he’d listen to a lot of jazz. 

With his brother, Paulo Sergio Valle, he wrote a number of hits and made his first album, Samba Demaisin 1964.

He headed to the United States the following year, where Walter Wanderley successfully recorded the song Samba de Verão. The songs Preciso Aprender a Ser Só and Terra de Ninguém are also from that period as well as Samba de MariaO Amor É ChamaViola Enluarada (recorded with Milton Nascimento), Dia de VitóriaGenteSeu Encanto and Ao Amigo Tom.