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Los Reyes 73

Los Reyes 73 – Vinyl LP/CD

Los Reyes 73 – Vinyl LP/CD
Los Reyes 73 – Vinyl LP/CD
Los Reyes 73 – Vinyl LP/CD


*PLEASE NOTE: This is a pre-order only of this Vinyl LP/CD, and will be shipping 2nd August 2024*

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1. Grandes Amigos / 2. Ya Ves Te Quedaras / 3. Necesito De Alguien Como Tu / 4. Si, Llego La Primavera / 5. Adeoey / 6. Piensa Que No Has Cambiado / 7. Finalizo Un Amor / 8. Un Lamento Hecho Cancion / 9. Si Llegara Alli / 10. Baila Que Baila Mi Son

Continuing the Mr Bongo Cuban Classics Series, we shine a light on Los Reyes 73 and their sensational debut LP from 1975. The album had multiple different pressings under various titles and artworks, but the music stayed the same and speaks for itself. The group set the bar high with this fiery Afro-Cuban-funk gem, letting loose a vibrant Latin workout combining psych rock trippiness with a heavy dose of deep funk. Elements that fuse to firmly cement this album as a ‘70s Cuban masterpiece and one of our favourites here at Mr Bongo HQ. 

Releasing just two albums and a handful of 7-inch singles, the band were a popular and influential group in Cuba at the time. Since then, they have featured on several compilation albums across the 2000s that have helped raise their portfolio to new audiences worldwide.

Produced by the magical Raúl Gómez, the album featured a list of heavyweight Cuban musicians. Directed by Santiago Reyes and Ovidio Guerra, with orchestration from greats including Ricardo Eddy Martinez who also released the much-loved album 'Expreso Ritmico' in 1978 alongside Ignacio Herrera, Mario Valdes and Gilberto García. The album also features the writing prowess of Los Van Van’s Miguel Ángel Rasalps

Blending traditional Cuban Son aesthetics with funk influences and psychedelic touches, the music housed within showcases a cosmic fusion that stands up on any modern dancefloor. The scintillating opener ‘Grandes Amigos’, the tripped out ‘Adeoey’ and the grooving ‘Un Lamento Hecho Cancion’ are just a handful of examples that exhibit the sheer musical melting pot of this album. 

For this reissue, we have chosen to use the artwork from a Mexican version of the album released on Pentagrama Records that features the beautiful bird illustration cover art. The Cuban edition was released on the state-run Areito. 

An outstanding and wondrous Latin record that has long been calling out for an official reissue.

The vinyl release is presented with a Cuban Classic Series OBI Strip.