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Asha Puthli

The Devil Is Loose (Gold Vinyl Edition) - Vinyl LP

The Devil Is Loose (Gold Vinyl Edition) - Vinyl LP
The Devil Is Loose (Gold Vinyl Edition) - Vinyl LP


*PLEASE NOTE: This is a pre-order only of this vinyl LP, and will be shipping 13th September 2024*

If you order additional products from our site they will be sent out with 'The Devil Is Loose', so please place a separate order for those.

1. Flying Fish / 2. The Devil Is Loose / 3. Hello Everyone / 4. Wonder Why / 5. My Buddy And Me / 6. Say Yes / 7. Space Talk / 8. Our Love Is Making Me Sing / 9. Good Night

Making her return to the stage after 44 years, with tour dates across the US, Australia and Europe, as well as iconic performances at Glastonbury and We Out Here, Asha Puthli’s lifelong career as an inspirational trailblazer has taken on a magical new chapter.  We can’t think of many artists that have had as distinctive and diverse a journey as Asha, nor who have been involved in as many different genres of music as her. A musical pioneer who forged a path through ‘60s psych, free-jazz, pop, rock, disco, and more.

To celebrate this golden hour in her stellar career we have repressed her legendary album, ‘The Devil Is Loose', on gold vinyl. Maybe her most well-known record, the 1976 LP features the psychedelic disco-funk-classic 'Space Talk’, where Asha's soaring vocals take listeners on a journey that mirrors her eclectic career. Championed by a wide range of musical scenes and movements, over space and time it has been commandeered as their own. 

Casting a unique spell on its listeners, each track on the album showcases Asha’s majestic, celestial style and sumptuous vocal range. Backed by breathtaking orchestral-infused, disco-enhanced instrumentation, it’s cinematic and captivating throughout. From the infectious funk of ‘Flying Fish’, to the cosmic transcendence of ‘The Devil Is Loose’ and the choir-channelling ‘Say Yes’, this album is a true masterpiece.

At Mr Bongo we are thrilled to be releasing records by such an iconic, musical maverick as Asha. She has blazed a trail so that others could follow. Whether you are buying this album as a replacement for your worn-out original copy or it's the first time you've heard of Asha Puthli and you're just intrigued and drawn in by the cover, we hope you enjoy this quintessential slice of Asha's world.