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Born and raised in Bombay, Asha began her musical journey in classical Indian music and opera, which later branched out and evolved into jazz and fusion. Her quest to synergise east and west began via a dance scholarship to NYC with Martha Graham. Her first music break came in Europe after a TV appearance on a talk show. A signing to CBS records in the UK followed and she worked with Del Newman, Elton’s Johns producer, in 1973 to create her first album (self-titled) - a pop-tinged crossover gem.

Her disco album of 1976 ‘The Devil is Loose’ was recorded in Germany and named ‘An Instant Classic’ by The New York Times. The epic track ‘Space Talk’ became popular with David Manusco and the infamous NYC loft crowd in the 70s. The song then went on to be sampled by hip hop heavyweights such as 50 Cent, Dilated Peoples, The Notorious B.I.G, P Diddy and Redman.

Following a recommendation by John Hammond, the influential record producer and talent scout, Asha went on to perform vocals on Ornette Coleman’s fabled jazz album “Science Fiction’ in 1971.

After an almost 10 year hiatus out of the music scene, during which she raised her son, Asha then discovered her old albums were selling as collector items for $100 a pop.  She was soon back in demand in the US and singing Indian mantras for Bill Laswell and English group Stratus whose track Looking Glass’ achieved great success in the UK chart.