Alain Peters

Alain Peters - Rest La Maloya LP

Alain Peters - Rest La Maloya LP
Alain Peters - Rest La Maloya LP - Mr Bongo
Alain Peters - Rest La Maloya LP - Mr Bongo


A1 Caloubadia / A2 Mangé Pou Le Coeur / A3 La Rosée Si Feuilles Songes / A4 La Peche Bernica / A5 Plime La Misère / B1 Ti Pas Ti Pas N'arriver / B2 Complainte De Satan 2 / B3 Ti Cabart / B4 Wayo Maman ! / B5 Rest' La Maloya

An amazing collection of the work of Alain Peters released on Sofa Records (France) and Bongo Joe. Second pressing.

Outside of the Réunion Islands Alain Peters is a best-kept secret. His music is unique: a blend of Creole blues, maloya and international folk. A singer, writer & musician Peters travelled through the 70s and the 80s alone or with a band (he was a member of Caméléon), with his Sahelian lute, his reel-to-reel tape recorder, firewater and ill-fated genius.

He sadly died in 1995, aged 43, leaving handful of sublime songs which are gathered here for the first time on vinyl. Full of dazzling beauty and sparkling darkness, a wandering soul, at the crossroads of African, Indian and European cultures.

Highly recommended! An artist that deserves to be more widely known, if you like Francis Bebey, William Onyeabor then you might dig this!

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