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Ari Tsugi

Simultaneity – Vinyl LP

Simultaneity – Vinyl LP
Ari Tsugi – Simultaneity – Vinyl LP


Released on Rebecca Vasmant's superb Rebecca's Records imprint, 'Simultaneity' is a delicious unique blend of Jazz, psychedelic and chilled out moments by the Glasgow based band Ari Tsugi. Well recommended. 

A1. Hold Me Tight (てめしき抱) feat. Iona Bermon, Mateusz Sobieski / A2. Haru (春) feat. Liam Shortall / A3. Natsu (夏) feat. Mateusz Sobieski /  A4. Aki (秋) - feat. Liam Shortall, Angus MacDonald, Peter Konecny / B1. Fuyu (冬) - feat. Ben Boswell-Jones / B2. Mezame (醒覚) - feat. Finn Rosenbaum, Lene De Montaigu, India Blue / B3. Simultaneity ( 性時同) - feat. Angus MacDonald, Liam Shortall