Satyajit Ray

Satyajit Ray - Company Limited (Seemabaddha) (1974)

Satyajit Ray - Company Limited (Seemabaddha) (1974)
Satyajit Ray - Company Limited (Seemabaddha) (1974) - Mr Bongo
Satyajit Ray - Company Limited (Seemabaddha) (1974) - Mr Bongo


Despite hailing from a small village in Patna, Shyamlal (Barun Chanda) is entirely immersed in the comforts of his high paying corporate job. On her first visit to Calcutta, his young sister-in-law Tutul (Sharmila Tagore), who lives in Shyamlal’s native place, is dismayed by his boastful displays of accumulated perks and privileges. However his façade cracks when a lucrative export order faces cancellation. Faced with the possibility of losing everything he has built, Shyamlal concocts a plot of feigned industrial sabotage to save face and protect company prestige.

Satyajit Ray’s Company Limited is an epochal portrait of the rise of the educated urban middle-class. Shyamlal’s ironic ascendancy up the corporate ladder, a rise in statute simultaneously accompanied by a fall in character, is the director’s starkest reflection on modern India. The middle-part of the thematically related Calcutta trilogy (between The Adversary and The Middleman), Company Limited is a work of considerable psychological complexity and high technical accomplishment. 


"Ray's humorous examination of those who lack the courage to pause and look at their place in the world is wonderfully observed and often surprisingly funny" -- Film 4

"Ray's rich and perceptive dissection of India's emerging middle class is as pointed now as it was upon first release" -- Edinburgh Filmhouse

"Ray's magic, the simple poetry of his images and their emotional impact will always stay with me" -- Martin Scorsese

"Not to have seen the cinema of Ray means existing in the world without seeing the sun or the moon" -- Akira Kurosawa

"One of the greatest filmmakers of the century" -- Fred Zinnemann

"Ray's mastery, his sure touch, encompassed every possible technical function...His work becomes an inspiration for all time" -- Richard Attenborough
Cast & Credits:
Sharmila Tagore / Barun Chanda / Paromita Chowdhury / Directed by Satyajit Ray


- Venice Film Festival (1972), Won, FIPRESCI Prize, Satyajit Ray

1974 / 110 minutes / Bengali with English subtitles / Mono audio / 1.33 : 1 Colour / DVD PAL Multi Region / MRBDVD023

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