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Don Leisure

Shaboo Strikes Back – Vinyl LP

Shaboo Strikes Back – Vinyl LP
Don Leisure – Shaboo Strikes Back – Vinyl LP


The Welsh Beat-Maker is back, another superb album by Don Leisure!!! Includes guest collaborations with Gruff Rhys, Angel Bat Dawid, Amanda Whiting, and David Newington, well recommended. 

A1. Egg Yolk Bun / A2. In The City / A3. Beyond A Shadow / A4. Regency / A5. Shaboo Strikes Back / A6. Big Trouble / A7. Amiga 3000 / A8. The Balcony ft David Newington / A9. Love Theme / A10. Shaboo's Hideout / A11. Clearing Skies / A12. Chase Theme / A13. El Mono Was Here / A14. Naima's Dream / B1. Beware / B2. Samosa Swiss / B3. Muscle Head / B3. Sugar Cane Juice / B4. Holistic Healan / B5. King Of Alperton / B6. Almost Lost It  / B7. All Praises Due ft Angel Bat Dawid & Amanda Whiting / B8. GTO Nights / B9. Neon Drizzle (Hotel Shaboo) ft Gruff Rhys / B10. End Credits