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Elizabeth Parker

Future Perfect – Vinyl LP

Future Perfect – Vinyl LP
Elizabeth Parker – Future Perfect – Vinyl LP


Trunk Records release a collection of tracks by British electronic composer, radiophonics & soundtracks pioneer Elizabeth Parker.

A1. Space Drift / A2. Memory Loss / A3. Siren-Call / A4. Harmonisers Of The Spheres / A5. Telepathy Beyond Time / A6. Older Than Time / A7. Congestion Hoe-Down / A8. Shadowland / A9. Celandine And Columbine / A10. The Dying Of The Light / A11. Cloud / A12. Darkness At Noon / A13. Future Perfect / A14. The Killing Skies / B1. Into The Depths She Calls / B2. Lazy Summer Afternoons / B3. Insects Revolt / B4. Blood Runs Cold / B5. Post Apocalypse Fog / B6. Fish Don't Cry / B7. Ghosts In The Abbey / B8. Insects Dance / B9. Dreams Of Magic And Cornfields / B10. Devil's Lightening / B11. Danger Hurts / B12. Why Me?