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FA-5 – Vinyl LP/CD

FA-5 – Vinyl LP/CD
FA-5 – Vinyl LP/CD
FA-5 – Vinyl LP/CD


*PLEASE NOTE: This is a pre-order only of this Vinyl LP/CD, and will be shipping 20th September 2024*

If you order additional products from our site they will be sent out with 'FA-5', so please place a separate order for those.

1. Muevete Con Las Fuerzas Del Corazon / 2. Di Tu Que Haras Sin Mi / 3. Paso Sin Mas / 4. El Blue / 5. Casa De Ladrillo / 6. Al Recordar No Dude / 7. Salga Y Baile / 8. Pero Lo Cierto Es Que No Quise Mas

The fertility of the Cuban music scene in the 1970s was rich and blooming. FA-5’s self-titled album from 1976 is a perfect example of the energy and vitality emanating from the country’s musicians and marks the next release in Mr Bongo’s Cuban Classics series. A unique musical fusion that encompasses Latin rock, funk, soul, disco and Afro-Cuban rhythms to form a diverse and alluring album.

The exquisite, funk-fuelled opener, 'Muevete Con Las Fuerzas Del Corazon', is maybe the most-known song on the album. It is a super catchy cut powered by a dynamite bassline, joy-filled horn playing and splashes of drum breaks that will ignite any dancefloor.

The record surfs through genres as it progresses. 'Di Tu Que Haras Sin Mi’ and 'Paso Sin Mas' lean back with a West Latin rock / AOR flavour to their grooves. Elsewhere, the dreamy, cosmic, Balearic-tinged 'El Blue' and fuzzy funk-rock breaks of 'Pero Lo Cierto Es Que No Quise Mas' further show the breadth of styles at play on the LP. Another big highlight on the album is the Latin, disco-funk sounds of 'Casa De Ladrillo', which morphs into a cover version of the Commodores 'Brick House'. The result is a superb alternative take on a much-loved classic. 

Released on the state-owned Areito Records, the album was directed by Nestor Caballero, who arranged the songs alongside Aneiro Taño and Osvaldo Caraballoso.  The prolific Tony Taño produced the album with the recording courtesy of Tony Lopez who worked with Juan Pablo Torres, Los Reyes 73, Grupo Los Yoyi, Raúl Gómez and many other Cuban greats that we have featured in the Cuban Series.

A fabulous, under-the-radar classic, that will enrich any collection.

Featuring replica artwork, the vinyl release is presented with a Cuban Classic Series OBI Strip.