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Female Species

Tale Of My Lost Love – Vinyl LP

Tale Of My Lost Love – Vinyl LP
Female Species ‎– Tale Of My Lost Love – Vinyl LP


A great find by Numero Group, a collection of tracks by the group Female Species which were formed by sisters Vicki and Ronni Gossett. The group recorded over a number of genres including garage rock, psych-folk, lounge to country-pop in the 60s to 80s, and finally, gets the release these wonderful tracks deserve. Well, recommended. 

A1. Bye Bye Bye / A2. Tale Of My Lost Love / A3. You Need Me / A4. Peace Of Mind/  A5. Baby Buggy / A6. Stop And Think It Over / A7. I'm Gonna Make It / A8. Explain Why / A9. Tying The Leaves / B1. Coast To Coast / B2. There's A Rainbow / B3. Sooner Or Later / B4. Here Comes The Night / B5. Till The Moon Don't Shine / B6. In The Moonlight / B7. Someone Lock Me Up / B8. Chinchilla Hat