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Flying Lotus

Yasuke – Vinyl LP

Yasuke – Vinyl LP
Flying Lotus – Yasuke – Vinyl LP


Flying Lotus's amazing soundtrack to the Netflix six-episode anime series 'Yasuke'; features the don Thundercat on the song 'Black Gold' and vocalist Niki Randa on two tracks. 

Red vinyl copy.

A1. War at the Door / A2. Black Gold / A3. Your Lord / A4. Shoreline Sus / A5. Hiding in the Shadows / A6. Crust / A7. Fighting Without Honor / A8. Pain and Blood / A9. War Lords / A10. Sachi / A11. Your Screams / A12. Using What You Got / A13. African Samurai / A14. Where's the Girl? / B1. Kurosaka Strikes! / B2. This Cursed Life / B3. RoBomb / B4. Taiko Time // Sacrifice / B5. Your Day Off / B6. Your Armour / B7. Enchanted / B8. Mind Flight /B9. Survivors / B10. Your Head // We Won / B11. The Eyes of Vengeance / B12. Between Memories