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Greta Lindholm

Rhythm Voice – Vinyl LP

Rhythm Voice – Vinyl LP
Rhythm Voice – Vinyl LP


Enchanting spiritual music from the Swedish experimental solo dancer Greta Lindholm; recorded in 2003. Greta uses clapping, foot drumming and vocal rhythms as instruments to produce her unique sound. 

A1. Eleven Evening/ A2. Forget-me-not / A3. Take The Leap / A4. Keep Feet Going / A5. Alone / Allone / A6. Rotsvad Lullaby / A7. Barinkonka / A8. Close / A9. Achha / A10. To Be / B1. Boda Polska / B2. Streams / B3. Born / B4. Gliss / B5. Breathing In Seven / B6. Dalasong / B7. Tanzara / B9. Why / B10. Play Day