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Innov Gnawa

Lila – Vinyl LP

Lila – Vinyl LP
 Innov Gnawa ‎– Lila – Vinyl LP


A fantastic record on Daptone from Innov Gnawa, a traditional Moroccan Gnawa music band that is based in New York City, which was formed in 2014 by master Gnawa musician Mâallem Hassan Ben Jaâfer.  

Limited coloured vinyl edition. 

Chorfa A1. L'Afou / A2. Salaw Alik / A3. Jilala El Kouhel Pt. 1 / A4. Mimouna / A5. L'Ghumami El Kouhel Pt. 2 / B1. Gnawi Baba Mimoun / B2. Baba L'Ghumami / B3. Fofo Denba El Ghaba / B4. El Hadiya / B5. El Hadiya Sala Nabina / B6. Sidna Ali Hamdouchia / B7. Hamdouchia