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Jay Nemor Electrified

Alive – Vinyl LP

Alive – Vinyl LP
Jay Nemor Electrified –  Alive – VINYL LP

£15.99 £24.99

A fantastic contemporary soul album Jay Nemor Electrified on Telsa Groove records. Includes a cover version of Massive Attack’s 'Unfinished Sympathy' and the anthemic singles 'Break Free' and 'Sitting On Top Of The World'. Jay has a rich vocal that fans of Gil Scott Heron will dig, well recommended. 

A1. Where I Come From / A2. There Are No Winners / A3. Unfinished Sympathy / A 4. Break Free / A5. Mama / B1. Alive / B2. Sitting On Top Of The World / B3. Useful / B4. Mother Got A Way / B5. Where I Dub From (Alberto's Groove)