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Majid Soula

Chant Amazigh – Vinyl LP

Chant Amazigh – Vinyl LP
Majid Soula – Chant Amazigh – Vinyl LP


This is so good, Habibi Funk present a selected works of Algerian-born artist Majid Soula. Trippy synths, driving drums, and trancey guitar lines; Majid’s music blends Kabyle sounds, disco, highlife and groovy funk into something unique. Well recommended! 

A1. Algerie Maroc / A2. Lgira / A3. Netseweth Sifassan / A4. Win Terram / B1. Tameghra / B2. Ageruj / B3. A Kem Gegh A Tamurt / B4. Tafat Instrumental