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Malik Diao X Fred Red

Monologue – Vinyl LP

Monologue – Vinyl LP
Malik Diao X Fred Red – Monologue – Vinyl LP


Village Live Records are bringing the heat with another wonderful album for the label; this time its 'Monologue' a collaboration between the Berlin based producer Fred Red and the composer and multi-instrumentalist Malik Diao. The album is a very distinct experience between cinematic jazz, instrumental hip hop, indietronica and world music.

Comes on Black or White vinyl versions.

A1. Dighnasty / A2. Get Bitter / A3. Panama Randy / A4. Contakt / A5. Fight Fight Fight Fight / A6. Womanhood / B1. Gills / B2. Balu / B3. Teatro Kabuki / B4. Danger Ranger / B5. Liana Green / B6. Shinola