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Marcelo Machado

Tropicalia (2012) – DVD/Blu-ray

Tropicalia (2012) – DVD/Blu-ray
Tropicalia (2012) – DVD/Blu-ray - Mr Bongo
Tropicalia (2012) – DVD/Blu-ray - Mr Bongo
Tropicalia (2012) – DVD/Blu-ray - Mr Bongo

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Brazil is a country in which the new and the old, the foreign and the indigenous, not only lie side by side but are mixed, assimilated and recreated day in day out. At the height of the 60’s, a capoeira song, played with the aggressive drive of rock’n’roll, found its way into thousands of homes, entitled ‘Sunday in the Park’. The cultural movement of Tropicalism emerged.

The director, who grew up listening to the ground-breaking sounds of Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil and Tom Zé, takes the audience on a tour into the history of one of Brazil’s most iconic cultural movements. Built up from interviews, material dug from archives, images and songs, the viewer travels through the fertile and violent years of the late 60s.

“Tropicália wasn’t a style or a movement as much as an atmosphere, a rush of youthful, cosmopolitan, liberationist optimism that broke over Brazil like a sun shower and soaked into everything: art, music, fashion, film, theater, literature” New York Times

Cast & Credits: Caetano Veloso / Gal Costa / Gilberto Gil / Glauber Rocha / Os Mutantes / Rita Lee / Rogerio Duprat / Tom Zé / Directed by Marcelo Machado

Technical: Origin: Brazil / Year: 2012 / Audio: Portguese with English Subtitles / Aspect: 1.78:1 / Running Time: 87 Mins / Rating: 12

Licensed from Wide Films.