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MUMIA – Vinyl LP

MUMIA – Vinyl LP


32 years on from its creation DJ Millos Kaiser & Lugar Alto Records have unearthed a leftfield experimental Brazilian gem, which is a mix of cosmic ambient with post-punk and industrial sensibilities. Fans of John Gomez's Outro Tempo compilation's, be sure to check this. 

1. Ave Do Deserto / 2. L. Varrido / 3 Doctor Albert Hofmann Encontra Em Barcelona Os Irmãos Siameses (2 Cabeças E 1 Cérebro) "Pico & Peco" Com Sus Sombreros A Admirar La Raponesita De Osaka / 4. She Is Going To "The Hell" And Everybody Knows And Everybody Goes... /5.  Massacre Da Serra Elétrica I / 6 .Massacre Da Serra Elétrica II