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Martin Scorsese

My Voyage To Italy (1999) – DVD

My Voyage To Italy (1999) – DVD
My Voyage To Italy (1999) – DVD - Mr Bongo
My Voyage To Italy (1999) – DVD - Mr Bongo
My Voyage To Italy (1999) – DVD - Mr Bongo

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American master Martin Scorsese explores in detail, the legacy of the classic period of Italian cinema. Beginning with Roberto Rossellini’s Rome Open City, the film traces the development of Italian neorealism: its currents and its philosophy, evolution and descent. Classics such as The Bicycle Thief and La Dolce Vita are discussed alongside rarer titles like Senso and Europa ’51. Scorsese’s appreciation is rooted in his identity as an Italian-American film-maker. Less a documentary than an impassioned essay, it ultimately provides a portrait of a national cinema that doubles as an autobiography.

My Voyage to Italy was a cultural initiative undertaken by Martin Scorsese as part of his tireless campaign in restoring and preserving the world’s greatest films. Produced by iconic couturier Giorgio Armani, with the help of archivists Raffaele Donato, Kent Jones and the legendary screenwriter Suso Cecchi d’Amico (The Bicycle Thief, The Leopard); the film serves as an ode and monument to the history of film.

"Will forever change and deepen the way you look at cinema"New York Times

Cast & Crew: Directed: Martin Scorsese / Produced: Giorgio Armani

Awards: Melbourne International Film Festival (2002): Won, Most Popular Directory / National Board Of Review (2001): Won, Film History Award / National Society Of Film Critic Awards, USA (2002): Won, Special Heritage Award / National Society Of Film Critic Awards, USA (2002): 3rd Place, Best Non-Fiction / Satellite Awards (2002): Nominated, Best Motion Picture

Technical: 2001 / 237 minutes / English, and Italian with English subtitles / Dolby Digital / 1.33 : 1 Colour: Black & White / DVD PAL Multi Region / MRBDVD043

Licensed from RAI Mediaset.