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Other Mirror

Other Mirror – Vinyl LP

Other Mirror – Vinyl LP
Other Mirror – Vinyl LP

£11.99 £21.99

 We've been looking forward to this gem by Other Mirror on KingUnderground Records for a while now. Other Mirror was formed by longtime friends, Jonny Cuba (Soundsci Producer), Amelie Chevalier (vocalist), and James Tilley (multi-instrumentalist). Their debut album takes you on a journey from psychedelic-soul-jazz, 70s library-funk, catchy contemporary RnB pop, and some Portishead styles vibes thrown in the mix. A unique record that gets better with each play. Highly recommended. 

1. Cat Scratch / 2. Psychic Horizon / 3. Saturn's Child / 4. Aguirre / 5. More Alive / 6. Mystery Of Mars / 7. Love in a Way / 8. Journeys 

Comes in black or limited edition silver vinyl versions.